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QUESTION 1: What the thickness for your tempered glass screen protector?

A: We do have four kinds of thickness including 0.15mm,0.2mm,0.33mm,0.4mm

QUESTION 2: Why the finished product of 0.15mm tempered screen protector is actual about 0.385mm?
A:0.15mm is just the thickness of the glass, actually is only 0.145mm,and the finished is not only stick the AB glue(thickness:0.12mm), but also stick the protection glue(thickness:0.12mm).Therefore, you have measured the thickness is  0.145mm+0.12mm+0.12mm=0.385MM

QUESTION3: What’s the transparent of the tempered glass screen protector?

QUESTION4: What’s the hardness of the pencil?

QUESTION 5:What about Viekers hardness ?
A: 622--701 HV

QUESTION 6: Whether have prevent scattering film processing?
A: Yes, when our film  after crushing, it won’t splash and hurt people.

QUESTION 7: What’s difference between round edge and flat /vertical edge  ?
A: Tablet is  a peripheral is right Angle, and the feel is not smooth. Round edge is Also called 2.5 D arc edge, with R Angle processing, the feel is more smooth.

QUESTION 8: Whether is the silicone adhesive? What’s name of the material plant?
A:  Yes, Japan TOYOBO/ nippa

QUESTION 9: Is it have through any processing ?
A: Yes, There are anti-vice light, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint, anti-sweat treatment

QUESTION 10: What about your equipment?
A: Imported fully automatic CNC equipment :50pcs
Sweep light machine: 4pcs
Flat-grinding machine: 8pcs
Tempering furnace:   7pcs
Automatic laminating machine: 15pcs
Defoaming machine:3pcs
Film Stress Measurement System:1pc
Falling ball tester:1pc
Vickers hardness tester:1pc

QUESTION 11: What about output?
A: Day output:30,000-50,000pcs

QUESTION 12: Are you offer free sample ?
A: Yes

QUESTION 13 :What ‘s the regular packing of tempered glass film include?
A:Wet&dry Alcohol pad
Scratch card
Dust-absorption sticker
Home keypads(for iPhone)